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Agricultural financing

Our goal is the improvement and revival of agricultural production in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we already have successful lines of agricultural financing behind us.

Fixed profit margin

Repayment term up to 84 months

Amount of financing from 1,000.00 to 20,000.00 KM

With our new agricultural financing offer, quickly and easily:

  • buy equipment and machines for agricultural activities
  • buy farming tools
  • buy seeds and seedlings of vegetable and fruit crops
  • build a facility that you will use for agricultural purposes
  • adapt the facility that you will use for agricultural purposes

Financing calculator

* This calculator is intended exclusively for obtaining basic quick information and is not binding. Please contact BBI Bank officials for any additional valid information for obtaining individual financing.

Required documentation

  • Application for financing completed and signed by the main debtor/co-debtor and certified by the employer;
  • Photocopy of LK for the main debtor/co-debtor;
  • Photocopy of the CIPS certificate of residence for the debtor/co-debtor;
  • Proof of the amount of income of the main debtor/co-debtor: three last payslips/pension checks or three last monthly current account statements;
  • A certified copy of the GIP 1022 form by the employer (except for employees of budgetary institutions, public companies and other forms of organization financed from the BiH budget, and employees of companies registered in RS);
  • A certified copy of the decision of the competent administrative body for the main debtor/co-debtor, if it is a person who performs an independent activity;
  • Photocopy of the employment contract of the main debtor/co-debtor if they are employees of international organizations;
  • Documentation proving the purpose of financing.

Acceptable security instruments

  • Personal promissory notes;
  • Consent on seizure of personal income;
  • Mortgage on real estate.

Download the documentation