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Flat purchase with BBI partners

Make the purchase of your flat easier! In cooperation with its partners, BBI Bank enabled its clients to purchase flats under special financing conditions.

Compact invest d.o.o.

About the company

Compact invest d.o.o. Sarajevo is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian company founded by Kuwait investors in 2012.

In addition to investments in the area of real estate construction, this company is also considering and implementing all sustainable and profitable projects related to agriculture, livestock, hospitality management, tourism and trade.

Sarajevo Waves

Located in Ilidža, Sarajevo Waves is a residential complex offering life quality in a beautiful natural environment. It includes five residential blocks providing pleasant and elegant suits, reflecting a progress in building technologies and the need for high-qualify residential units. Suits have large terraces with a splendid view of the river Željeznica, as well as Olympic Mountains Igman and Bjelašnica and unique natural resources surrounding the complex. This residential complex is accompanied by a modern architecture and building design thus providing a modern look to the entire micro area.


Address: Rustempašina 41, 71210 Ilidža
Phone: +387 60 30 11110, +387 33 76 11 66
Web: www.cic.ba
Email: marketing@cic.ba, info@cic.ba

Domoinvest d.o.o.

About the company

Domoinvest is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian company that has been conducting its business activities over three continents for more than 40 years.

History of the company begins in 1966, when the company was founded in Sarajevo. Its business activities include construction engineering activities, business consulting, project designing, refurbishment and building, and finishing installation works. Within the scope of aforementioned activities, Domoinvest is engaged in preparation of project design and detailed design for all types of building. The company also provides interior design and furnishing for different purpose facilities, as well as complete furnishing in accordance with the building types and client's preferences.

In 2007, Domoinvest turned to development and construction of real estates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily in designing, engineering, construction and craft works, as well as supervising construction of both business and residential facilities through cooperation with local and foreign investors, thus proving the company's quality.


Provansa Dobrinja

In October 2014, Domoinvest started activities on the construction of its new residential building Provansa Dobrinja. This is a second residential building following the building in Stup, built in 2011. The Project is worth 6 million BAM.

This building was built in a residential settlement of Dobrinja, known for a high level of urbanism, representing a micro-city with primary and secondary schools, shopping malls, sports hall, green fields and similar infrastructure. The building size is around 4000 m2 and it is located 100 m from the Konzum Dobrinja shopping mall, known as Mercator Dobrinja. In general, this is a four-floor facility with 60 residential units from 30-70 m2. Provansa Dobrinja is characterised by a modern design and highly effective energy efficiency. In addition to 60 residential units, this building also includes internal and external parking lots.


Address: Vrazova 8, 71 000 Sarajevo,
Phone: +387 33 565 175
Web: www.domoinvest.ba
Email: info@domoinvest.ba

Green Invest d.o.o.

About the company

Green Invest d.o.o. is a company performing architectural and engineering activities, as well as technical consulting.


Green Residence

Green Residence is the facility of a new living concept in terms of modern lifestyle, environmental protection and user safety.

Location of the property due to the high prevalence of green areas and the size of the parcel turns residential units in the units that have the quality of individual villas and thus provides users with a special feeling of comfort due to the small number of luxury units.

A construction building with dimensions 26.50 x 15.00 meters is designed on a building lot of 994 m2. The building was designed so as to be contemporary and with respect for the surrounding objects and environment. The facade of the building is within modalities of contemporary architecture. Special attention in this building is dedicated to energy efficiency and energy saving, but also the use of renewable energy sources. Thermal facade insulation is provided with a thickness of 15 cm. Careful design, application of quality materials and favourable ratio of glazed and filled surfaces contributed to this facility is classified in energy class A. 

The concept of the building is created so that, in addition to the basic needs of housing supply, it offers a range of optional - recreational and sports facilities. Recreational facilities are distributed in the surroundings (Park Betanija-Jezero, ZOO Pionirska dolina), and thereby encouraging social integration and offering additional quality to users.


Address: Bare Šip 71 000, Sarajevo
Phone: + 387 61 225 116
Web: www.greenresidence.ba
Email: info@domoinvest.ba