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PRIVACY POLICY                             

Bosna Bank International d.d. Sarajevo (hereinafter: the Bank) is obliged to keep data on the users of services and products as a banking secret, in accordance with the internal acts of the Bank, the Law on Banks, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and other positive legal regulations regulating confidentiality data. All employees of the Bank are obliged to keep all information that is considered a bank secret, which they learn during the performance of tasks and duties within their scope or in any other way.

All persons as well as service providers who, due to the nature of THEIR work with the Bank or for the Bank, in order to ensure adequate operations of the Bank and provide banking services, may have access to data, are equally obliged to keep such data as banking secrets and to act in accordance with all positive legal regulations that regulate the confidentiality of data and the protection of personal data.

The following data are considered bank secrets:

  • Data related to personal data, financial status and transactions, as well as ownership or business relationships of clients (natural and legal entities);
  • Data on balance and transactions on individual accounts of individuals and legal entities;
  • Data on services provided by the Bank to individual clients by issued orders and transactions
  • Data from contracts signed by the Bank with clients;
  • Data from contracts signed by the Bank with suppliers or service providers.

Following data are not considered bank secrets: 

  • Public data and data that are available to interested parties with a justified interest from other sources;
  • Aggregate data which do not provide possibility to determine personal or business data about the individuals to whom these data refer;
  • Public data from the register of accounts.

Personal data means any information related to a natural person who has been identified or whose identity can be determined.

The Bank shall ensure following:

  • Processes personal data in a fair and legal manner;
  • Processes personal data only to the extent and scope necessary to fulfill a specific purpose;
  • Processes only authentic and accurate personal data, and update them when necessary.  

The Bank may not communicate or make available to third parties information that is a banking secret, except in the cases provided for by the Banking Act and other regulations in this area.

The prohibition of communicating data to third parties includes all forms of communication (verbal communication, written communication, meetings, telephone conversations, e-mails...).

An employee of the Bank can communicate personal data, as well as data on the balance and transactions on his client's account, to deliver it personally to the client to whom this data relates, based on previously performed personal identification.

Verbal communication of data from the previous paragraph can only be done in the Bank's premises, based on a previously completed personal identification.

Electronic databases containing data representing banking secrets are adequately secured against unauthorized access.
As part of the internal protection system and in order to ensure the security of personal data, and in accordance with relevant regulations and defined obligations, the Bank applies and undertakes adequate organizational and technical measures, i.e. measures against unauthorized access to personal data, alteration, destruction or loss of data, unauthorized transmission and other forms of illegal processing and misuse of personal data.

The Bank processes personal data in accordance with the regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the internal acts of the Bank, which relate to the protection of personal data.

The Bank will process personal data of clients only to the extent necessary for the Bank's regular operations, and all in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.