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How to obtain a missing Current Account Statement from BBI Bank?

If you have a missing Current Account Statement, you can contact our employees at the nearest BBI Branch. Companies registered in the Sarajevo Canton can send enquiry to e-mail

Solvency Certificate of company's accounts in BBI Bank?

Solvency Certificate is issued upon request of a corporate client. The request is submitted on a Memo of a corporate client with signature of authorized persons and it should specify the purpose and period for which the certificate is requested with confirmation that current account of a corporate client was not blocked.

Change of authorized signatories on the card of deposited signatures?

Adding or deleting a person from the card of deposited signatures is done based on Decision of General Manager of a corporate client which states precisely the persons being added or deleted from the card of deposited signatures, or based on the actual court decision in case of changes of a General Manager. A certified copy of ID card and Residence Certificate (CIPS) is required for each new signatory. Moreover, each new signatory should personally come to the BBI Branch and deposit his/her signature.

How to make conversion of funds from the account?

Submit a completed and certified Application Form to the nearest Branch of BBI Bank, or by e-mail or fax. You can download the Application Form here!

What is REBATE?

A rebate is the benefit of decrease to arranged, calculated and collected profit margin to which a corporate client acquires the right of disbursement if previously defined and agreed conditions have been met through the Contract of Financial Partnership (e.g. agreed level of payment transactions that a corporate client should perform through a current account in BBI Bank). Rebate is agreed on annual, semi-annual or quarterly level.

How to send lists for closing of salary entries?

Lists for salaries, meal allowance, transportation and other allowances are forwarded to a group e-mail of aggregate payments:

Lists for deferrals are submitted to:

In general, any types of lists can be sent to a mutual fax number: 033 / 275 258

What are prerequisites for the approval of eBBI/mBBI service?

Prerequisites for the service approval are as follows:

- Open transaction and foreign-currency account

- Completed forms for access to eBBI/mBBI service. Forms can be downloaded from the Bank's web site or at the Bank's Branch Offices.

How many persons can be authorized for the use of eBBI/mBBI service?

The client can authorize one or several persons for the use of eBBI/mBBI service and the Bank will provide one authentication device to the client, in accordance with technical characteristics referred to in the Application Form for the use of eBBI/mBBI service, free of charge.

Costs of registering additional users are calculated in accordance with currently valid Decision on the tariff of fees for electronic banking.

What are types of devices for user authentication when accessing eBBI/mBBI?

The Bank shall assign two types of devices for user authentication:

  • USB key and/or
  • SMS token

USB key is a safety mechanism where a digital certificate is recorded for each system user. USB key is connected to the computer and it is used for computer to communicate using a smart card. A digital key certificate is secured with a personal code (PIN).

SMS token is a service used by eBBiI/mBBI for the user identity check with the assistance of a user GMS device.

How to cancel a signed order?

In order to cancel order, it is necessary to send a request for order cancellation to the e-mail:, with precisely stated order reference, amount and order recipient. It is possible to cancel the order only if the order has the status that enables cancellation or if the order was not already performed.

How to proceed in the case of theft or loss of identification device of eBBI/mBBI service?

The client is obliged to report loss or theft of identification device/recognition elements immediately to the Bank by phone: 0800 200 20 (08:00-16:30), and also confirm the aforesaid in a written form by submitting a notice signed by the client, certified with the client's stamp to the nearest organizational unit of the Bank, not later than 1 (one) working day as of the phone notification. In contrary, a phone notification shall be considered invalid. Immediately upon receiving the notification, the Bank will block the recognition element for the user in its electronic banking system, in order to prevent further utilization of eBBI/mBBI service.

How to proceed if the order was refused?

If your order was refused upon its creation and signing and you are not sure about the reason, you should send notice to the following e-mail:

The Bank's employees will contact you with explanation on the reason for order refusal.

Closing/deactivation of eBBI/mBBI service

The client can cancel the use of eBBI/mBBI service by submitting a written request and by returning identification devices. Devices are submitted to the Bank's organizational unit where the Contract on the use of eBBI/mBBI service was signed.

The client is obliged to settle all incurred liabilities, costs and fees prior to service cancellation.