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MasterCard Debit card

BBI MasterCard Debit card is connected to current account of a natural person, account holder, and it enables cash withdrawal and purchase at any location.


Pay pass - contactless payment increasing benefits of payment in comparison to traditional cards
Cash withdrawal free of charge on BH ATM Network
Additional benefits with BBI packages

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BH ATM network

BH ATM network provides free cash withdrawal to BBI debit cardholders on BH ATM network.

Electronic services

Taking your needs into consideration, BBI is offering eBBI and mBBI, technologically superior services of electronic and mobile banking.

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Information and characteristics

  • International card connected to the current account
  • Cash withdrawal free of charge on BH ATM Network
  • PayPass technology - contactless payment - the transaction of payment for goods and services on POS terminals supporting contactless technology is performed only by tapping the card on the terminal, resulting in faster performance of transaction
  • Online purchase (up to 30.00 BAM)
  • No issuance fee and no annual membership fee within the BBI package of services
  • Safety - MasterCard Debit is a chip card and each transaction must be authorized with a PIN code





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