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Long-term financing


Different forms of long-term financings, adjusted to the needs of your companies, are available to corporate clients. Conditions for granting of the Bank’s loans depend on the type of financial arrangement, creditworthiness and history of relationship with the client, length of repayment period and the quality of offered collaterals.

Conditions for long-term financing of the working capital:

Repayment period from 13 to 84 months
Conditions adjusted to the type and purpose of financing
Fee for the Application Form processing is 1-2% of the financing amount

Other benefits:

  • Repayment in equal monthly, quarterly or semi-annual instalments
  • Financing of the working capital up to 60 months, or with possible grace period up to 6 months
  • Client’s share min. 1% of the financing amount with collaterals
  • Investment financing up to maximum 2.5 million EUR
  • Financing of investments with possible share of the working capital up to 40% max. up to 120 months, including grace period up to maximum 36 months
  • Financing for different purposes, including debt redemption from another bank

The Bank shall approve the following types of long-term financing according to the following purposes:

  • For fixed assets – repayment in annuities and instalments
  • For permanent working capital
  • Project financing

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